Friday, December 2, 2011

Explosive Athletes Intitute Training

Coach Max Ivany of with 6'10" Tommy Smith (Phoenix North HS, Arizona State) Chicago Bulls 2003 Draft Pick and Houston native 6'11" Jake Voskuhl (right) Houston Strake Jesuit HS, member of UConn's 1999 National Championship squad and 9 year NBA veteran. For those of you who only see NBA guys from afar it's hard to understand how big and strong these dudes are. (I'm 5'10" and 205 pounds to give you a point of reference.)
Today I was invited to the Explosive Athletes Institute in Phoenix, Arizona by owner Sid Sharma. I've seen more trainers doing their thing and claiming to be the "best" than I have fingers and toes. I watched Mr. Sharma's workouts and was impressed with some of his thinking outside the box as well as his technical expertise as he holds two advanced degrees in biomechanical engineering. He certainly brings a unique scientific background to the business. Anyone who gets NBA guys to buy in have to be doing something right.

The most enjoyable part of the day was interacting with Tommy Smith and Jake Voskuhl, two really nice guys who are both looking to be in The League this year and getting their bodies ready. Both swore by Sid's methods. Jake and I both being Houston guys exchanged a lot of stories and of course know many of the same people. He got a chuckle out of recounting how John Lucas tabbed him with the name "Old Franchise" back in the day when he was getting up at 5AM to go to Luke's workouts....anyway, this is good stuff. Enjoy the video.-Coach Max Ivany

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