Wednesday, September 15, 2010

St. Thomas High School Fall League

Sept. 15 ST. Thomas Varsity Fall League

5:00pm STHS Red (varsity) (2-0) 62 vs Second Baptist (0-2) 50
*Players to watch STHS- 6'9 Jeremy King(2012), 6'3 Christian Sanders(2012), 6'0 Chase Brogna(2012), 5'10 Ian Hurley(2011)
*SBHS- 6'8 Khadeem Lattin(2014), 6'6 Julien Person(2011), 6'3 LJ Rose(2012)
28 STHS-34 SBHS halftime
Final 62-50
Tonight's game had the  feel of a regular season game as the two private school powerhouses clashed. As the game progressed the intensity of both groups picked up, as neither team wanted to be outduel by the opposing team. Christian Sanders led all players with a game high of 22pts, and answer several of Second Baptist runs with key buckets down the stretch. Khadeem Lattin poured in an impressive performace for Second Baptist.
STHS- Christian Sanders 22pts, 5asst, 5 rebs, Jeremy King 14ps, 11 rebs, 4blks,  Adam Drexler 10pts, 10rebs,
SBHS- Khadeem Lattin 18pts, 5blks, 9 rebs, Kendrick Morris 15pts
Jeremy King 6'9 (2012)  14pts,11rebs, 4blks,

Christian Sanders 6'3 (2012) STHS led all scorers with 22pts

6:00pm STHS White( II) (2-0)  54vs ST. Pius X (0-1) 62
*STHS II- 6'2 Ryan Taylor(2012), 5'10 Darnell Theriot Jr(2012),
*SPHS- 6'6 Trey Guidry(2012), 6'6 John Paul(2013), 6'7 Jarvis Thibodeaux(2011), 6'0 Carl Culberson(2012)
halftime 20 STHS- 28 ST PiusX
Final Score ST. Pius 62- STHS 54
ST. Pius major players made their  debut in the Fall League and left a lasting impression for the fans. The game started out slow as both teams traded early baskets and adjusted to the tempo of the game. ST. Pius gain momentum off early turnovers and sparked several key runs that propelled the Panthers to victory. Adam Drexler  tried to rally the troops of St. Thomas with his energy and hustle on both ends of floor, but St. Pius proved to be too much this evening.

Jarvis Thibodeaux 6'7 (2011) had a triple double
Trey Guidry 6'6 (2012) poured in 28pts.
 SPHS- Trey Guidry 28pts, 8rebs, 3blks , Carl Culberson 14pts ,5asst  Jarvis Thibodeaux 12pts 14rebs, 10blks,
STHS- Adam Drexler 26pts, 12rebs, 3blks, Andrew Jones 11pts

Adam Drexler 6'5 (2012) scored 26pts/ 12 rebs  in a loss vs St. Pius

7:00pm Wheatley HS (2-0) 83  vs Houston Reagan (0-2) 73
WHS- 6'0 Jarrion Brooks(2011), 6'0 Kedron Ginn(2011), 6'3 Victor Preston(2011),6'2 Demarkus Cormier(2013),
RHS- 6'2 Kalil Potts(2013), 6'3 Kendall Ramlal(2013)
halftime Reagan 40  Wheatley 35
Fianl Score 83 Wheatley -73 Houston Reagan
Both teams came out the dressing room with their track shoes on, with both teams wanting to push the tempo as much as possible. Both teams attempted to trap the opposition and force turnovers to gain an early edge. Both teams came out blazing Wheatley was led by Kedron Ginn who made 3 early three point baskets in a row and Reagan HS countered with a balance attack on the offensive end. Once again Wheatley's depth proved to be too much for their opponent and the Wildcats came out on top.
RHS- Kalil Potts 18pts, Malcolm Ballard 10pts,
WHS- Kedron Ginn 19pts, Jarrion Brooks 15pts 5 asst, Victor Preston 12pts

8:00pm Memorial HS (2-0) 60  vs Spring Woods (0-2) 38
MHS- 6'3 Russell Clark(2011),6'1 Walker Pennigton(2013), 5'8 Kyle Dubbin(2012)
SWHS- 6'0 Falaq Gaiter(2011), 6'0 Max Gerell(2011)
halftime MHS34-SWHS18
Final Score- MHS 60- SW 38
MHS- Max Yanke 12pts, Connor Phillips 11pts, Russell Clark 12pts
SWHS- Falaq Gaiter 11pts

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