Sunday, February 6, 2011

High School Roundup- 2/7/11 Game of the Night

Game of the Night
St. Thomas HS vs ST. Pius X

The last meeting between the two rivals went to St. Thomas HS and the rematch will determine who wins the district title outright. The game features several mid to high major players 6'9 Jeremy King (2012), 6'4 Christian Sanders (2012), 6'0 (2012) Chase Brogan for St. Thomas HS and St. Pius HS 6'3 (2012) Devon Turk, 6'6 (2012) Trey Guidry and 6'0 (2012) Carl Culberson.  If you are anywhere near Shepherd St, I encourage you to stop by St. Pius HS to see the battle get there early.
6'9 Jeremy King forward (2012)

Chase Brogna (6'0 2012)     
6'6 Trey Guidry wing (2012)

6'3 guard  Devon Turk (2012)

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