Tuesday, October 5, 2010

D1 Nation Real Talk: J. Mychal Reese of Bryan

Concordia University in Austin, TX was hopping this weekend with some of the Cen Tex's most talented teams.  The Brazos Valley's Bryan High was there too.  2011 G J. Mychal Reese averaged close to 30 ppg in leading his squad to an undefeated day.  It was here that I caught up with him for a D1 Nation Real Talk session.

What are some of your hobbies ouitside of basketball? 
Playing XBox, and chilling with friends.
What's your favorite subject at school?
What music are you listening to on your IPOD before a game?
Rick Ross, Drake
List some goals you've set for this year.
Win District, then the Regional Tournament.
What's the most memorable moment in your high school career?
Playing my freshman year on varsity.
What's been your best "Sports Center" moment?
Hitting a game winner.

2012 G J. Mychal Reese of Bryan
What college or NBA player do you model your game after?
Brandon Jennings
Who are the top 5 colleges recruiting you the hardest?
Texas, Memphis, Baylor, Kansas, Texas A&M, LSU, Oklahoma
If you won a  $1,000,000 what would you do with it?
I'd buy my family whatever they want and then "hit the mall up".
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
In the NBA, hopefully.

With the advent of scouting services stating opinions on players from the time they are stepping out of the cradle, perhaps no other player has received so much scrutiny as J. Mychal Reese.  Accurately touted by Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop as the #1 player in the United States from the 4th to the 8th grade must be quite a burden for a youngster to bear, but I've never seen Young Reese sweat.  Both he and his family maintained a grounded approach to the game and all the hoopla surrounding it. Everyone gives J. Mychal their best shot, and he keeps on moving forward.  I fully expect him to meet all his goals.  We are proud to claim his as a D1 Ambassadors alumni.-Coach Max Ivany

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  1. still is the number 1 point guard in the 2012 class. how scouts do not see that is beyond reason. LJ is good but not on JMs level. neither is Sheed Sulaimon. or marcus paige and omar calhoun. JM is top 5 with Andre Drummond Dajuan Coleman Isaiah Austin and Shabazz Muhammad since Khem Birch reclassified to 2011. Purvis is good but not as skilled as JM. JM if you see this i look forward to you getting YOUR ranking back from the so called experts and prepare for the pros. Go forward young buck!