Wednesday, October 6, 2010

St. Thomas High School Varsity Fall League

ST. Thomas Fall League Schedule
Wednesday October 6,2010

ST.Thomas Red (Varsity)vs (5-0) vs Wheatley HS (5-0)
*Game of The Night*
Players to watch: STHS- Jeremy King 6'9, Christian Sanders 6'3, Adam Drexler 6'5
                           WHS- Jarrion Brooks 6'0, Kedron Ginn 5'10, Victor Preston 6'5
halftime score-STHS 42-WHS 23
final score- STHS 67-WHS 52

Adam Drexler 6'5 (2012) ST Thomas
Ian Hurley 5'10 (2011) ST. Thomas

STHS- Adam Drexler 20pts, Ian Hurley 14pts, 7 assists, Christian Sanders 12pts
WHS- Kedron Ginn 13pts, Randy Lewis  13pts, Rusty Hayward 13pts
Randy Lewis (2011) 5'10 Wheatley

Kedron Ginn 5'10 (2011) Wheatley

ST.Thomas White(II) (2-3)vs Second Baptist)(1-4)
Players to watch; STHS- 5'10 Darnell Theriot, Ryan Taylor 6'2
                         :SBHS- 6'7 Julien Person, Khadeem Lattin 6'9,Kendrick Morris 6'7
                          halftime score SBHS 43- STHS 34
                          final score SBHS 74- STHS 55
Kendrick Morris 6'7(2013) SBHS
   SBHS Charles Allen 26, Julien Person 17, Kendrick Morris 15pts 7blks
Charles Allen 6'3(2011) SBHS
   STHS Doc Perrier 15pts, Ryan Taylor 12pts, Adam Drexler 12

Memorial HS(2-3) vs Spring Woods(0-5)
Players to watch: MHS- Russell Clark 6'3, Connor Phillips 5'9, 
                          SWHS- Max Gerell 6'0, Faliq Gaither 5'9
halftime score MHS 24-SWHS 22
final score MHS 51- SWHS 34
MHS- Connor Phillips 18
SWHS- Faliq Gaiter 12

Reagan HS(1-4) vs St. Pius HS(2-2)
Players to watch:  RHS-Khalil Potts 5'10,
                           SPHS- Trey Guidry 6'6, Carl Culberson 5'9, Devon Turk 6'3,
halftime score- SPHS 38- RHS 37
final score-     SPHS 77-RHS 69
SPHS- Devon Turk 20pts, Jarvis Thibodeaux 16pts, 10rebs, 5blks, Carl Culberson 12pts, Kenny Wells 11pts

Jarvis Thibodeaux 6'7(2011)
RHS-Khalil Potts 18pts, Jared Pruitt 14
Khalil Potts 5'9 (2013)

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